Interiorstate | About
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More than anything else I would consider myself a storyteller. I tell my stories through cinematically staged narrative-driven images.

Character. Environment. Action. Light.

These are the four ingredients that make up my work. A character can be anyone. The character is visually developed through wardrobe, makeup and hair. I am usually drawn to the underdog and the misfit. I appreciate a pretty face but in a world full of pretty faces I will always take unique substance over standard beauty. Once I have the character I put them in an environment that compliments their history and enriches the narrative. I then give my characters life defining actions. Maybe it’s an action that is very straight forward or maybe it’s something out of frame that is less obvious. Each approach is different, but I most enjoy creating mystery and leaving space for the viewer’s imagination. Now let there be light. I create the pieces but I let the viewer put the puzzle together.