“I appreciate a pretty face but in a world full of pretty faces I will always take unique substance over standard beauty.”

Great photos inspire. I want to give the audience story-driven images that take them to places that feel new but also strangely familiar. Even though I only present my audience with a still image I aim to ignite their imagination so they can envision what happened before and after that image was taken. That unrestricted storyline is what I am most drawn to in photography. 

My last project, “INVASION” was born out of a love for the aesthetic of the sci-fi genre. We traveled into 1960s America filled with aliens, bodysnatchers, mind-controlled masses and sinister cabal of megalomaniacal overlords. With my new series, “The Unusual Me” we are jumping ahead a few decades into the mid to late 1970s and exploring what it means to be whole. This new series will take the viewer into the darkest parts of peoples lives. “The Unusual Me” is currently in production.

Visit www.TheInvasionSeries.com for images from the spooky world premiere event and also to purchase INVASION:The Book.